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Explore details for our Fall '22 production and our '22-23 travel team.

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Do you dream of being part of an incredible international theater festival, digging deeper into their art, and sharing their gifts with the community? The Kettleworks Traveling Players are for you!

Travel team members will perform at the

Junior Theater Festival West in Sacramento, CA,

and every member will be given an excellent,

in-depth performing arts education. It is our goal to connect with our local community through our travel team as safe opportunities arise.


An informational meeting for the 22-23 KTP Season was held in June.  If you are interested please 

EMAIL US and we will send you a video of the meeting and an informational brochure.

Come join our award-winning theatre family!

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Join us for our Fall '22 production of Seussical JR!

Transporting audiences from the Jungle of Nool to the Circus McGurkus, the Cat in the Hat narrates the story of Horton the Elephant.  Horton has discovered a speck of dust containing tiny people - The Whos! Horton must protect the Whos and his new Who friend, Jojo, from a world of danger, but he also must guard an abandoned egg left in his care by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird.  Although Horton faces ridicule, danger, and even a trial, the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith him him.  A sweet and energetic story of loyalty, family, and the power of friendship, Seussical JR. is a musical delight that brings beloved Dr. Seuss characters to life on stage.


This production is open to performers in

Kindergarten* - 12th grade. 

* There will be a mini company option for performers in Kindergarten & 1st grade.

Please EMAIL US if you are interested

in mini company.

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Directed & Choreographed by: Jennifer Kessler

Music Directed by: Kathryn Dean

Age/Grade Levels: Performers grades K-12. Performers in grades K - 1st will be part of our mini company.

Audition Dates: August 27 & 28, 2022   View Audition Details HERE

Performance Dates:  November 10-11, 2022 (Be sure to keep November 12th free for our cast party!!)

Rehearsal Dates: 

Mandatory Rehearsal/Tech Week Dates:  October 28 - November 11, 2022 

                   NOTE - Tech Week (November 7-11) involves nightly rehearsals so please plan accordingly

Weekly Rehearsal Details: 

   Wednesdays, 4:30 - 6:30 PM  

   Thursdays, 4:30 - 6:30 PM

   Saturdays, 12:00 - 6:00 PM ** Please note that Saturdays will vary but will stay within this time window. 

  - A full schedule will be provided to registered performers the week after auditions.

  - Please note that the amount of rehearsal will vary depending on the individual's role. 

Tuition: $465.00 per performer 

  Payment plans available (Pay in Full -or- Two Installments)


  80+ Hours of Training in Acting, Singing & Dancing

  Full Performance of Seussical JR.

  Ample stage time for every performer

  Professional script & music tracks

  Show T-shirt 

  Technical items required for productions

Performers Must Provide:

  Dance shoes (TBD - either jazz or ballet shoes)

  Dance tights & undershirts / shorts for performance

  Personal makeup & hair products

Special Notes: 

The final performances will be the culmination of many weeks' hard work by the performers, staff, and volunteers. Attendance is a very important aspect of this program as the performers rely on each other throughout the process, building their knowledge and skills together. We understand that sickness may occur, but it is understood that barring unforeseen illness or emergency all performers will attend every required rehearsal. 

* At KPA we firmly believe that every arts experience is vibrant and important. We use our performers to their fullest potential and believe that every member of the Company, and every single role in a story, is vital to a show's success. We do not support role shopping and therefore do not give refunds of any kind for tuition.

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Book by Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Co-conceived by Eric Idle
Based on the works of Dr. Seuss

We always encourage our students to arrive as prepared as possible for auditions, and we love providing the right tools! Check out the show info below - it's everything you need to build your confidence before you arrive!


Seussical JR. is the story of Horton the Elephant and his friends - and foes! - throughout the Jungle of Nool and beyond. 

Narrated by the Cat in the Hat, our story begins with Horton as he hears a tiny cry for help from a passing dust speck.  WHO could it be? Why, the Whos, of course!  Through his journey to convince everyone in the Jungle of Nool that there are indeed Whos here, Horton take a few detours - including a huge field of clovers, some long-term babysitting of Mayzie La Bird's egg, and the Circus McGurkus.  But all along the way he never loses faith that "A person's a person, no matter how small", and his friends Gertrude McFuzz and Jojo the Who never lose faith in Horton.  

Will Horton be able to convince all the doubters and save the world of Who? Will he ever notice Gertrude?  And will Mayzie ever return from her vacation?  You'll have to join us in our story to find out!

Character Descriptions


Jojo/Boy- A "Thinker".  He's a smart child with a wild imagination.  "Thinks" get him into constant trouble and his parents wonder if he'll ever learn what it means to be a responsible member of his community.  A creative spirit and sweet singing voice is needed for this role.

Vocal Range - A flat 3 - B4

The Cat in the Hat - The essence of mischief, fun, and imagination, the Cat in the Hat loves to stir things up and cause trouble!  But the Cat also always sets things right again.  The Cat helps Jojo to discover the power of his own imagination as they create our story together.  Very strong acting skills are needed for this role, strong movement a plus.

Vocal Range - B flat 3 - D5

Horton the Elephant - ​ A gentle giant, Horton is a big-hearted, steadfast, responsible elephant who always tries to do the right thing.  He believes in the goodness of the world and always looks for the best in others. A strong and sweet presence, Horton shows that strength doesn't always have to be the loudest voice.  A mature presence and very strong singing voice is needed for this role.

Vocal Range - A2 - E4

Mr. and Mrs.  Mayor -  The Mayor of Who and his wife, and also the parents of Jojo, Mr. & Mrs. Mayor are parents who are trying to raise a child with a big imagination.  They try their best to make the best choices even if Jojo doesn't always understand them, while trying to balance their roles as leaders in the community with love of their son.

Vocal Ranges - Mr: C3 - E4,  Mrs.: A3 - B flat 4

Gertrude McFuzz - Horton's sweet neighbor, Gertrude is very self-conscious about her one-feather tale - which makes it more rewarding to watch her gain confidence through the story! At first a nervous and shy bird, Gertrude goes on a journey to win over Horton and finds so much more as she discovers what makes her strong.  A great acting range and strong, sweet singing voice are needed for this role.

Vocal Range - F sharp 3 - E flat 5

Mayzie La Bird - Unlike her sweet bird neighbor, Mayzie is a self-center, vain, and manipulative lady.  While she may mean no harm, she tends to make selfish decisions that leave others holding the bag - or, in this case, the egg!  A larger-than-life personality and strong, brassy voice is important for this role. 

Vocal Range - G sharp 3 - E flat 5

Wickersham Brothers - These spunky, funky monkeys aren't bad guys - we swear! They just get a kick out of making mischief, even if it's at someone else's expense.  An energetic and entertaining group, the Wickershams aren't afraid to jump right into the action and make things happen. Tons of energy is needed for these roles.

Vocal Range - A flat 2 - B3

Bird Girls - A fabulous girl group, the Bird Girls know everything that is going on in the Jungle - and elsewhere! Not just back-up singers for Mayzie, our Bird Girls tie together the story by playing along with the Cat, gossiping about Horton, helping Gertrude both gain and then lose a massive tail, and entertain the audience the whole time! Strong singers and movers are needed for these roles.

Vocal Range - A3 - B4

Sour Kangaroo - Loud, brassy, and a lot of fun - the Sour Kangaroo has enough attitude for the whole jungle! She is very confident and not afraid to share her strong opinions.  A confident, bold actor with a very strong, belty voice is needed for this role.

Vocal Range - B flat 3 - E flat 5

Young Kangaroo - The sassy child of the Sour Kangaroo, this role may be cast separately, or may be played by the Sour Kangaroo (with a puppet).  Tons of personality and sass with a solid voice is needed for this role.

Judge Yertle the Turle - The authoritative judge who presides over Horton's trial at the end of the show.  Yertle must have a solid, mature presence and be able to have fun playing the stern judge.

Vocal Range - F3 - F5

Vlad Vladikoff - The black-bottomed eagle who flies off with the Whos, Vlad makes a bold and memorable cameo appearance as a minor villain.  A strong presence is needed for this role.

Ensemble - The Whos, Jungle Citizens, Hunters, Circus Animals:

In order to bring the spectacular production numbers to life, a strong and enthusiastic ensemble is required. The ensemble will play various roles throughout the story and be a key part of such numbers as "Here on Who", "It's Possible", "Solla Sollew", and more. Every member of the ensemble will have ample stage time.


In order to be part of Seussical JR. it is necessary for every interested performer to attend auditions. All who audition for the full production will be given a role.


* Please prepare 45-60 seconds of a musical theatre style song. (Performers are welcome to choose a song from any musical, including Seussical JR.)

Each performer will perform his/her song individually and we will also conduct a workshop-style group audition including a group song, improvisation activities, acting sides from Seussical JR. and a dance portion.

* We highly encourage you to take a look at the Audition Materials available to help you prepare for the acting portion.

TIPS: - Make sure your song is completely memorized.

           - Be sure to use a background / karaoke style track with no voices - we want to hear YOU!

               * We highly recommend using a background track or live accompaniment as opposed to singing a capella*

           - Choose a song that shows off your strengths.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!


Audition Materials

We want to help young performers to feel confident at auditions! Please check out the materials below to help your performer prepare. We know they will blow us away!

Read over portions of the script and sheet music for each character

This is the Audition Central page of the Music Theatre International website. To view materials for our show, scroll down until you see the option to "Select a Show". Click on "Seussical JR." and you will find excerpts for every character.

Are you looking to listen to some of the songs? 

This is the main show description page. To listen to songs, scroll down until you see the SONGS option on the right-hand menu. Click on SONGS and you will be able to listen!

**New to auditioning? "Acting Sides" are portions of the scripts that will be used in the auditions to help us decide casting.

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PROGRAM INFO - KTP '22-23 Season

NOTE:  If you are brand new to the Kettleworks Traveling Players we highly recommend that you EMAIL US and request the informational brochure + video of our '22-23 Info Meeting. 

Age/Grade Levels: Auditions for The Kettleworks Traveling Players are open to all performers ages 8 - 18.

*Please note that performers must remain 18 years old or younger through Spring 2023.*

Audition Date:  Auditions for NEW team members will be held simultaneously with auditions for our full production of

Seussical JR.  Travel team participants may be asked to attend one extra audition session.

  See further Audition Details HERE

Tuition:  Please email us regarding tuition. There are a few options, depending on travel & rooming choices. 

                 **We offer payment plans (pay in full -or- monthly).

                 **Please note - total KTP tuition INCLUDES the tuition for the full production.

Included (in addition to the full production - see above):

  A trip to participate in the Junior Theater Festival West in Sacramento, CA

  100+ Hours of Training in Acting, Singing & Dancing

  A guaranteed role in our Fall Production of Seussical JR.

  Opportunities to perform for, and connect with, our local community

  Professional script 

  KTP team SWAG including T-shirt, bag, water bottle, and hoodie/jacket 

Rehearsals, Performances, and Travel

Members of the Kettleworks Traveling Players will participate in our Fall 2022 Production of Seussical, JRDuring the months of January & February 2023 KTP team members will have team-focused rehearsals to create a 15-minute adjudication performance. This selection will be presented and adjudicated by performing arts professionals at the Junior Theater Festival West 2023. At JTF West our performers will get to participate in exciting and exclusive workshops, performances, talk-backs with industry professionals and more! Former JTF guests include Olivia Rodrigo (HSMTMTS), Krystina Alabado (Mean Girls), Pasek & Paul (The Greatest Showman), Stephanie J. Block (Wicked), Alan Menken (Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast ... all things Disney, really!), and many more big names in the business. We may occasionally have brief additional rehearsals as local performance opportunities arise between the months of September '22 - February '23 and will hold a few brief rehearsals in December, plus our team holiday party.

Junior Theater Festival West '23 Dates - February 17-20, 2023

  A Special Note:  It is the goal of the Kettleworks Traveling Players/Kettleworks Performing Arts to create a true theatre family with this troupe. We here at KPA strive to nurture mutual respect in every performer who passes through our doors and to instill a strong sense of work ethic while encouraging passion and building community. A big part of this character building is consistency in our rehearsals, activities, and performances.  Attendance is a very important aspect of this program as the performers rely on each other throughout the process, building their knowledge and skills together. We understand that sickness may occur, but it is understood that barring unforeseen circumstance all performers will put in their best effort to attend every required rehearsal, and if a missed rehearsal is unavoidable the performer/performer's family will do all they can to independently catch up on any missed materials.  In the case of potential COVID-19 exposure within a performer's family, said performer would be asked to attend rehearsal virtually in order to keep up with new materials.