See what our students are saying!

My 6 year old loved the opportunity to learn from Mrs. Jennifer Kessler! She is such a wonderful, passionate and an inspiring teacher with a polite and easy going manner. I am impressed with how well she works with kids of various ages while teaching them discipline and artistry of dancing and singing. She makes sure to answer any questions the kids have during class time to keep them engaged. She is full of energy and so fun to learn from. We can’t wait for Kettleworks summer camp!

~ Siddhi Patel, KPA parent       

KPA is where it's at! My son learned so much acting in a recent production. He was sad that he wasn't going to see Mrs. Kessler and all his new friends everyday. The experience was truly invaluable and he's excited to participate in a future production again later this year as he's said to me, "Mom, I really like acting on stage!" This is coming from a little guy who was so shy before and still is at times. Thank you for everything Jenn! You are an amazing director and we're so thankful for your effective and efficient way of being so organized. We look forward to future projects with you!

~ Nido Monwai, KPA parent

My ten year old daughter participated in KPA’s fall production of Annie Kids. It was her first theater experience and she’s hooked! She tends to be a quiet, somewhat introverted child and her self confidence soared from her experience working with Jenn. As a parent, it’s a marvel to watch a quiet child shine on stage.

~ Leigha Griffin, KPA parent

Mrs. Kessler pushes every performer to do their very best. She knows when there is untapped potential and she tries to inspire it out of them. When Lindsey was in second grade, Mrs. Kessler was one of Lindsey’s first directors and Lindsey’s first voice coach. Lindsey learned so much from Mrs. Kessler as a 7-, 8-, and 9-year-old, from soft skills such as focus and purposeful movement to more specific performing skills such as how to hit the high notes without raising your chin, how to sing with feeling without closing your eyes, and how to really practice complicated stage choreography in between rehearsals. Mrs. Kessler truly cares about her students, lessons and productions, and as a result of her dedication, her young performers bring their very best to the stage and take away both skills and memories that last a lifetime.

~Lauren Fisher Newberg, former parent (private program & productions)

The lessons that Mrs. Jennifer Kessler taught me during shows I have done with her are some of the lessons that I value most and know will help guide me forever! I am confident that anyone who is lucky enough to be taught by her will blossom into an amazing artist!

~ Sonia Marie, former student

The thing that sets Mrs. Kessler apart, is that even at the young age of six she expected complete professionalism from me. I would never have made it so far in my career without the preparation and guidance of Mrs. Kessler. Though she was just directing at an educational theatre, she made it seem like we were rehearsing for a Broadway show. And when the time came to audition for them, I was 100% prepared. The level of effort she puts into making all of her shows the best they can be is unbelievable. I got to grow and mature under some of the best training I've ever received from Mrs. Kessler. Not only does she make her programs fun and exciting, but she makes them worth remembering. To train under Mrs. Kessler is a gift and worth every penny. She is a role model, an amazing teacher, and a great friend.

                                                                                      ~ Sissy Sheridan, Host of Nickelodeon's  "DIY with Me!"

                                                                                                                      and Angie on "Chicken Girls"

                              Check out Sissy HERE:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vpw1OcHkrQ