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See what our KPA Families are saying!

My son has loved every experience with Kettleworks Performing Arts! He's been in their summer camps, several musical productions and semi-private lessons and is always so excited for every rehearsal and for the opportunity to bond with friends while receiving invaluable training with Mrs. Kessler. If you're looking for a place for your child to explore drama, this is the place to do it!

~ Shelby McNally, KPA parent 

My kids absolutely adore Kettleworks and everyone involved in every aspect of the production. Everyone involved is so friendly and the kids have an absolute blast being part of it. They've made lifelong memories and friends through Kettleworks.

~ Kristen Northrup, KPA parent 

Kettleworks has done so much in helping my child build confidence on and off stage. The final production is nothing short of amazing, Jenn works really hard in preparing each child for their role(s). Any parent with a child interested in performing arts would not be disappointed. 

~ Donna Isla, KPA parent 

My daughter loves KPA; always looking forward to the next show!

~ Kathy Packer, KPA parent 

A great program for kids to participate in local theater!

~ Stephanie Browne, KPA parent 

I like it.

~ Adelyn Rose Waggoner, KPA performer

My daughter has really enjoyed her time with KPA and has learned so much.

~ Brandee Shillito, KPA parent 

My 6 year old loved the opportunity to learn from Mrs. Jennifer Kessler! She is such a wonderful, passionate and an inspiring teacher with a polite and easy going manner. I am impressed with how well she works with kids of various ages while teaching them discipline and artistry of dancing and singing. She makes sure to answer any questions the kids have during class time to keep them engaged. She is full of energy and so fun to learn from. We can’t wait for Kettleworks summer camp!

~ Siddhi Patel, KPA parent       

KPA is where it's at! My son learned so much acting in a recent production. He was sad that he wasn't going to see Mrs. Kessler and all his new friends everyday. The experience was truly invaluable and he's excited to participate in a future production again later this year as he's said to me, "Mom, I really like acting on stage!" This is coming from a little guy who was so shy before and still is at times. Thank you for everything Jenn! You are an amazing director and we're so thankful for your effective and efficient way of being so organized. We look forward to future projects with you!

~ Nido Monwai, KPA parent

Kettleworks Performing Arts has been a place for our kids to grow and flourish in theater. 

~ Leigha Griffin, KPA parent

Chloe loved going to camp. She enjoyed the singing and coming up with the choreography. Its great that they not only focused on the performance but also what goes on behind the scenes - what it takes to put on a production.

~ Nikki Deleon, KPA parent

My daughter has participated in both a fall production and summer camps. She loves every minute spent with this group and grows so much both personally and in her technical skills. A great way to build confidence and make incredible friendships! 

~ Sarah Hasson, KPA parent

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