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Age/Grade Levels: Auditions for The Kettleworks Traveling Players are open to all performers ages 7 - 17. Please note that We will consider Kindergarten age performers if they are able to read. Please contact us if you have a Kindergartner who is interested!

Audition Date: March 2, 2019 (Please see below for more audition details and to sign up.)

Performance Dates: May 17-18, 2019 

Rehearsal Details:  Wednesdays, 4:15 - 6:30 PM,  Thursdays, 4:15 - 6:30 PM, Occasional Saturdays (times will vary)

** Please note that the amount of rehearsal will vary depending on the individual's age and role. Most performers will not be required to be present at full rehearsals every week.

Tuition: $165 per performer


  45+ Hours of Training in Acting, Singing & Dancing

  Ample stage time for every performer

  Professional script 

  Show T-shirt  

  Costumes, Props, Set

  Full Performance of Disney's The Aristocats KIDS  (see details below)

  A Special Note:  The final performance of Disney's The Aristocats KIDS  will be the culmination of many weeks' hard work by the performers and staff. Attendance is a very important aspect of this program as the performers rely on each other throughout the process, building their knowledge and skills together. We understand that sickness may occur, but it is understood that barring unforeseen circumstance all performers will put in their best effort to attend every required rehearsal. 


In order to be part of Disney's The Aristocats KIDS, it is necessary for every registered performer to attend auditions.  This will be a fun way for us to get to know our performers. If your performer is not interested in a featured role, please feel free to communicate that to us. Performers in Disney's The Aristocats KIDS will need to sign up for an audition time (coming soon!). Further details will be emailed closer to the audition date. 

WHEN: Saturday, March 2, 2019, 1:00 -4:30 (tentative - time subject to change)

WHERE:  Valley Church

                  16431 SE Renton-Issaquah Rd.

                  Renton, WA 98059

WHAT TO PREPARE:    Please prepare one minute of a song. Musical theatre style is preferred, but it is our desire that our performers have fun and be comfortable with their song choice. We also  highly encourage you to take a look at the Audition Materials available to help you prepare for the acting portion. 

TIPS: - Make sure your song is completely memorized.

           - Be sure to use a background / karaoke style track with no voices - we want 

               to hear YOU!

           - Choose a song that shows off your strengths!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!


Sign up for Coaching with KPA Founder, Jennifer Kessler, at a discount! Register for Coaching HERE - and be sure to include the code ACATAUD25 to receive 40% off the regular Coaching price. We highly recommend booking two or more sessions to help prepare. Coaching can help your performer choose a song, prepare acting sides, and build confidence!

Please note that specific roles will not be promised to anyone, including students of our Coaching program. 




The Aristocats KIDS

We always encourage our students to arrive as prepared as possible for auditions, and we love providing the right tools! Check out the show info below - it's everything you need to build your confidence before you arrive!


Based on the beloved Disney animated film, and featuring a jazzy, upbeat score, Disney’s The Aristocats KIDS is a non-stop thrill ride of feline fun, complete with unbelievable twists and turns. In the heart of Paris, a kind and eccentric millionairess wills her entire estate to Duchess, her high-society cat, and her three little kittens. Laughs and adventure ensue as the greedy, bumbling butler , Edgar, pulls off the ultimate catnap caper. Now it's up to the rough-and-tumble alley cat, Thomas O'Malley, and his band of swingin' jazz cats to save the day. With a cast full of colorful animal and human characters and plenty of exuberant group numbers, this show has something for everyone!

Character Descriptions

Thomas O'Malley: The charming and charismatic lead alley cat, Thomas O'Malley lives as a free spirit with no attachments but secretly desires to be part of a family.  An energetic and playful role, requiring strong acting and singing skills, Thomas is a great challenge for an actor/singer who can move well.  

Vocal range: A5 - D5

Duchess: The elegant and nurturing mother of the Aristokittens, Duchess is the mature head of the Aristocat family. She is charming and regal, while still occasionally showing off her frisky side. Duchess wins the hearts of all around her through her grace and gentle spirit. Mature acting and solid singing skills are required for this role.

Vocal range:C4 - Db5

Edgar: The villainous butler of Madame, Edgar is not only allergic to the pampered Aristocats but he also secretly hates tending to them. Equal parts bad-guy and comic relief, this role calls for bold singing and acting skills. Physical acting skills are a plus.

Vocal range:A3- Eb5

The Aristokittens

Toulouse: Duchess's son, Toulouse wishes nothing more than to be seen as a tough alley cat. Light-hearted and creative, this role calls for equal parts acting and singing by one of our younger performers.

Vocal range: D4 - C5

Marie: The spirited and sassy daugher of Duchess, Marie is the youngest child and a charmer just like her mother. While she does enjoy occasionally reigning over her brothers, Marie adores her family and newfound friends. This role calls for equal parts acting and singing by one of our younger performers.

Vocal range:B4 - F#4

Berlioz: Duchess's son. While not the youngest, Berlioz is a bit of a mama's-kitten and often is treated as the baby of the family. A cautious and loveable kitten, this role calls for equal parts acting and singing by one of our younger performers. 

Vocal range: D4 - C5


Roquefort: The naïve, yet ultimately brave, house mouse who lives in Madame's home. Roquefort often comes across as innocent and frightened, but overcomes his fears and saves the Aristokittens from Edgar. Strong acting and singing skills are required.

Vocal range: B3 - D6

Madame: The eccentric and kind human owner of the Aristocats, Madame loves her pets more than anything else in the world. Maternal and mature, this role calls for strong acting skills. 

Vocal range: C4 - A4

The Dogs

General Napoleon & Private Lafayette: Two country dogs in a comedic power struggle throughout the show. Napoleon is the power-hungry leader and Lafayette the not-so-subservient private. Strong acting skills are required, good comedic timing is a plus. 

Vocal range top:C4 - C#5

Vichy & Soisse: Two privates in the dog army who report to General Napoleon. Vichy & Soisse must be able to follow orders in a most comedic fashion.

Vocal range top:C4 - C#5

Amelia & Abigail: The two bold geese sisters who rescue O'Malley from the river and lead the way out of the country back to Paris. They may sound like heroes but this duo definitely moves like geese! Solid acting and singing skills are required for these fun and quirky roles.

Vocal range: C#4 - C#5

The Alley Cats

Scat Cat: The jazzy leader of the Alley Cat narrators. Scat Cat is ultra-hip and enjoys introducing the Aristocats to jazz music. Strong singing skills, bold acting choices, and smooth moves are required for this role.

Vocal range: A3 - C#5

Hep, Mad, Slick And Wacky: These Alley Cats are the glue that hold the show together. These storytellers set up and comment on the action as well as execute the scene changes. These roles require strong speaking voices, solid singing skills, and excellent focus. 

Vocal range: A3 - C#5

Audition Materials

We want to help young performers to feel confident at auditions! Please check out the materials below to help your performer prepare. We know they will blow us away!

Read over portions of the script and sheet music for each character

This is the Audition Central page of the Music Theatre International website. To view materials for our show, scroll down until you see the option to "Select a Show". Click on "Disney's The Aristocats KIDS" and you will find excerpts for every character.

Are you looking to listen to some of the songs? 

This is the main show description page. To listen to songs, scroll down until you see the SONGS option on the right-hand menu. Click on SONGS and you will be able to listen!

Are you ready to sign up for auditions? 

Please be sure to register for this program within 24 hours of signing up, or we may have to move your audition slot.



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